The RecurDyn technology and what it is about!
RecurDyn is an innovative Multibody Dynamics based CAE software offering state-of-the-art Multibody Dynamcis capabilities with an integrated powerful and unique non-linear Finite Element Method extension.

RecurDyn’s true "Finite Element Method MultiBody Dynamics" mechanical system simulation returns more precise dynamic motion results including stress analysis in one single simulation step. It also features flexible body contacts and non-linear deformations. RecurDyn CoLink, an integrated signal flow oriented control design tool, opens the door to an off-line simulation of mechatronic systems, going far beyond the classical Co-Simulation approach. By using a detailed RecurDyn "Finite Element Method MultiBody Dynamics" model the user can significantly reduce the number of loops during the virtual controller parameter optimization process. The unique Recursive Dynamics solver technology represents one of the most efficient ways in solving MultiBody Dynamics equation of motions today, providing high-rated solver robustness and reliability at the same time. All this future oriented technology is embedded in a modern GUI with a clear focus on “intuition”, following standard software handling rules.


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Differential equation solvers
RecurDyn contains a number of differential equation solvers, known as “integrators”, for solving the system of equations that describe the motion of the multibody systems. These equations are known as Differential Algebraic Equations (DAEs), a combination of differential equations that describe motion and algebraic equations that encapsulate joint constraints. DAEs are known to be complex to solve. RecurDyn’s integrators are robust and fast, providing rapid calculation and reliable solutions. RecurDyn’s primary multibody dynamics integrator is the Generalized-Alpha method. It also contains other, specialized solvers for various other problem types, such as for modeling tracked vehicles, such as excavators and military battle tanks.

Linear solver
RecurDyn’s linear solver is the best in class. It is a multi-frontal, direct, sparse linear solver optimized for the constrained dynamics equations found in multibody dynamics. This linear solver makes maximum use of today’s multi-core CPU technology.

Leading contact formulation
Contact is extremely important for multibody dynamics simulations. In many mechanical systems, bodies interact with each other through bodies making contact with other bodies. Furthermore, contact is also mathematically and numerically very complex and difficult to model for most software. However, RecurDyn provides highly advanced, robust, and easy-to-use contact formulations. RecurDyn’s contact modeling allows for very rapid simulation and provides very dependable results.
Advanced, Integrated, Intuitive GUI
RecurDyn’s GUI is very powerful, yet it is easy to use because of its intuitive design. It contains a completely integrated environment for model development, simulation, and analysis of results. Pre-processing for model creation and parameter definition and post-processing for analyzing the results is integrated directly into the GUI. Bodies defined in industrial standard CAD formats can be imported to define the properties and the geometry of bodies. A wide range of customization options also exist in the GUI to improve productivity by automating common tasks.

Fast and Accurate Solver as well as an Intuitive UI




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